Courses and Times

Course Schedule by Semester

Course List

Compulsory Courses

IND3008Research Project I1
IND3009Research Project II1
IND3010Dissertation Project0
IND3000Masters dissertation0
IND3002Scientific Production for Master’s Degree0
IND3211Undergraduate Teaching Internship1
LET3101Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (English)0

IND3004Qualification exam0
IND3007Thesis Proposal Exam0
IND3001Doctoral thesis0
IND3003Scientific Production for Doctorate0
IND3211Undergraduate Teaching Internship1
IND3221Undergraduate Teaching Internship1
LET3106Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (Doctoral English)0

Optional Courses by Area

Operations and Business EngineeringCredits
IND2601Decision and Risk Analysis3
IND2609Production Systems I3
IND2611Supply Chain Management3
IND2622Data Science for Business Processes3

Operations ResearchCredits
IND2443Practice in Mathematical Modeling3
IND2604Probability and statistics3
IND2605Mathematical Programming3
IND2616Time Series 3

Elective Courses

Courses in Portuguese

IND2272Investment Analysis with Real Options3
IND2600Process Analysis and Simulation3
IND2602Heuristics and Metaheuristics3
IND2603Methodology for Empirical Research in Production Engineering3
IND2604Probability and statistics3
IND2605Mathematical Programming3
IND2615Logistics and Humanitarian Operations3
IND2616Time Series3
IND205XSpecial Topics in Industrial Engineering – variable content1
IND207XSpecial Topics in Industrial Engineering – variable content3

Courses in English

Special Courses on Topics in Industrial Engineering

IND2090Special Topics in Industrial Engineering1
IND2091Special Topics in Operations Research1
IND2092Special Topics in Operations Management1
IND2096Special Topics in Industrial Engineering3
IND2097Special Topics in Operations Research3
IND2098Special Topics in Operations Management3
IND2617Time Series3
IND2618Logistics and Humanitarian Operations3
IND2619Methodology for Empirical Research in Industrial Engineering3
IND2620Healthcare Operations Management3
IND2621Optimization Under Uncertainty3

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