Why logistics? Logistics has had a significant expansion in recent years. Recognized worldwide as a competitive factor in companies, the logistics environment has expanded worldwide. Whether to efficiently serve the domestic market or to be able to compete in the international market, Brazilian companies have sought to develop their logistics sectors, leading to the search for professionals in this area. There is a growing demand for qualified professionals in logistics and a noticeable need for more supply in this area. The predicted explosion of e-commerce (electronic commerce over the Internet) will require intense training in logistics from the companies involved.

These fields of action are organized around two lines of research, namely:

Transport and Logistics Systems Planning – Addresses the modeling and planning of cargo and passenger transport systems and logistics systems in the long-term. The adopted methodologies include quantitative (e.g., mathematical modeling techniques) and qualitative approaches. The projects developed in this line of research aim to achieve efficient solutions for companies and their supply chains, helping decision-making processes and frequently dealing with questions of uncertainty, always with innovative techniques and applications.

Research ProjectsLink
Financial Management of Assets and Liabilities in the Supply ChainClick
Logistics and Humanitarian OperationsClick
Decision Support Methods in Logistics and Supply ChainClick
Planning of Logistics, Distribution, and Transport SystemsClick

Programming and Control of Logistics Transport Systems – Addresses the design and modeling of operational aspects of logistical processes and the functioning of cargo and passenger transport systems. Thus, the projects aim to identify and/or determine methodologies, operational plans (programming), and evaluation (control) with short and medium-term applications.

Research Projects Link
Evaluation of Logistics and Supply Chain PerformanceClick
Development of New Sustainable Processes, Products, and ServicesClick