Professional Activity

The Production Engineering formed by PUC-Rio is an engineering professional capable to act in the post-industrial society, which is being established and characterized, besides the traditional offer of manufacturing goods (industry), and via a large service offer.

The main profile requested for this engineering professional might be outlined as follows:

  • Be capable to create, assimilate or implement fast technological modifications, for what a solid scientific basis is necessary;
  • Be capable to adapt to marked and technological changes, and to search personally for the necessary information, i.e. to be an autodidact;
  • Be capable to work in teams, exercising the leadership;
  • Develop a systemic vision of the processes in which his actions are inserted;
  • Understand a world of cultural and humanistic diversity, with a higher sensibility concerning the social and emotional aspects;
  • Understand a world with new ethical and environmental demands;
  • With a market vision and general culture, have the capacity to perceive new opportunities, and thus be responsible for new enterprises, inclusively in small economic feasible structures.

The function of the Production Engineer in the organization includes the specification and management of systems and productive processes, the evaluation of their performance, and the implementation of improvements in their operations and working conditions. In the companies, the Planning, Finance, Production, Material, Logistics and Transport, as well as the Marketing and Product Development concentrate almost all activities. Thus, the professional should be capable to act in these several segments, whereas it is fundamental that the professional understands well the specific functions of each one of these areas, their superposition and interrelations, and also that he dominates the managerial techniques that are helpful in the decision-making of each one of them. Furthermore, the professional should have a solid and flexible training, thus being capable to develop his critical spirit for due problem analysis and solution, to act in several segments, both technical and managerial, research and development, and to have the self-learning capability that shall allow him to remain updated and in conditions to face changes in his environment and career. Finally, in a prominent form, the Production Engineer should distinguish through his capacity to analyze deeply the technical production and project engineering problems, combined with a vision that extrapolates such technological aspects. Thus, he characterizes as a counterpart professional between the company administration and technical body.