Research Scholarships

During the graduation, the students with research motivation might candidate to scientific initiation scholarships, in programs supported by CNPq, by FABERJ, or via research projects of Department researching professors. The chosen students shall than receive a monthly scholarship to realize researches under the orientation of a professor, having the compromise to keep a good academic attainment.

One of the programs that offer scholarships is the PIBIC (CNPq’s Scientific Initiation Institutional Program). The PIBIC aims to awake the scientific vocation of students, through their participation in research projects. More information can be obtained under:

Another program is the PIBITI (Institutional Program of Initiation Scholarships in Technological Development and Innovation). The PIBITI has the objective of stimulating university students in the activities, methodologies, knowledge and practices of the technological development and innovation processes. More information can be obtained under:

The Production Engineering Graduation students who are interested in scientific initiation scholarships and technological initiation should leave their school records (issued by DAR) in the Department Secretary.