Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to apply for requests online?

Through the link, the student can complete a series of requests and administrative processes with the DAR.

  • How do I request a PUC student e-mail address?

Through the link, the student will have all the step-by-step guidance.

  • Under what conditions can a student lose their scholarship?
  1. Low academic performance in more than one course in the semester;
  2. Attendance below 75% in courses enrolled in the period;
  3. Present GPA below 6 in any period.
  • Will a Master’s or Doctorate scholarship holder who does not complete the program within the regulatory period become a payer?

After the end of the 24 months, in the master’s, and 48 months, in the doctorate of the duration of the scholarship, the master’s or doctoral student who requests an extension of the deadline for the defense may be granted partial or total exemption from the monthly fees, following the following considerations:

  1. Granting of exemption by PUC, according to the CCPG Rule;
  2. Authorization from the Graduate Commission;
  3. The students has shown exemplary academic performance throughout the course;
  4. The students who does not meet items b and c will not be granted an exemption, becoming full payer (see – accessing Pós-Graduação – Mensalidades & Anuidades – Ano 2021).
  • What must I do to write a dissertation or thesis in another language?

Through Deliberation 01/2008, which establishes rules for the production of a Doctoral Thesis or Master’s Dissertation in a foreign language, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs enacted:

Art. 1st: Writing the Doctoral Thesis or Master’s Dissertation may be done in English, French, Spanish, Italian, or German.

Paragraph 1: The work must contain an expanded summary in Portuguese, containing the main ideas developed in it.

Paragraph 2: Graduate students must request, in writing, prior authorization from their supervisor and the Graduate Committee of the respective program.

  • How are defense deadline extensions granted?

Access the link:

Article 90, page 25 of the PUC-Rio Graduate Program Regulation.

  • How many participating members for the Master and Doctorate defense committees?

Doctoral committees: five full members with a doctoral degree or equivalent, including the supervisor and co-supervisor, if any. In addition to the five members, the committee must have two alternate members, one internal and one external to the University.

Master’s committees: three titular members with a doctoral degree or equivalent, including the supervisor and co-supervisor, if any. In addition to the three members, the committee must have an alternate member.

For more details, visit the link:

Arts. 65, 66, and 67, pp. 20 and 21 of the Regulation of Graduate Programs at PUC-Rio.

  • What are the procedures for publishing and digitally certifying theses and dissertations?

Access the link:

On this page, the student will have all the necessary guidelines for formatting Dissertations & Theses and digital certification.

  • Do part-time students need to be teaching assistants?  

Yes, enrollment in the teaching assistant course is compulsory for all Master’s and Doctoral students, including full-time and part-time students. The attributions and tasks that the student must perform to comply with the discipline are defined at the advisor’s discretion.