Operations and Business Engineering

Operations and Business Engineering aims at the study, development, and application of Production Engineering techniques for operations and business management. The area addresses research problems on Operations Management and Business Management.

The research focuses on improving decision-making and fostering organization productivity through the combination of methodological, technological, social, and environmental aspects. Application areas include Energy, Finance, Logistics and Supply Chain, Health, Telecommunications, among others.

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The Graduate Program in Production Engineering provides a solid background in Operations and Business Engineering, offering research topics and academic opportunities for researchers from different areas. Training in this area offers career opportunities in academia, industry, the service sector, public service, and the private market.

In particular, research in this area addresses performance improvement of organizations at both the operational and the strategic levels, including industrial and service operations, with applications in various sectors, such as Digital Health, Oil and Renewable Energy, Finance, Manufacturing, Sustainability, Humanitarian Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management. Research topics include risk analysis, decision support, humanitarian logistics, innovation and sustainability, supply chain integration, business process management, conceptual modeling, data science and analytics, cognitive computing, digital transformation and Industry 4.0, and energy planning.

Research Line: Operations Management

Conception, design, analysis and development of strategic, tactical and operational issues for planning, programming and controlling service and productive systems.

Research Projects
Supply Chain ManagementApplication of quantitative and qualitative tools to improve Supply Chain Management, particularly its integration and transition towards the development of new products and services considering the impact of Digital Transformation and of new processes addressing economic, social, and environmental sustainability and planning humanitarian operations in disastrous situations.
Productive Systems and  LogisticsApplication of quantitative and qualitative tools to improve the planning, execution, and performance management of productive and logistics systems including industrial and service operations, production planning and control, stock management, sustainable logistics, and humanitarian logistics in disastrous situations, in both public and private sectors.

Research Line: Business Management

Specification, analysis, and development of conceptual models, analytical techniques, and methodologies to support decision-making and organizational risk management, business processes management, and digital integration of production systems and services. 

Research Projects
Decision AnalysisThis project focuses on the development, integration, and innovative application of theories, models, methods, algorithms, techniques, and technologies for supporting decision-making processes. These methods encompass the analysis of decisions under uncertainty; risk management; experimental and descriptive studies about the behavior of decision-makers; economic analysis of strategic decisions and investment decisions; support for group decision-making;
Business AnalyticsThis project focuses on the development, integration, and innovative application of theories, models, methods, algorithms, techniques, and technologies for data analysis to support business decisions and the end-to-end analytical process. These analyses are considered a complete process for solving business issues, encompassing a broad set of analytical methodologies to foster value creation. Such technologies may represent innovations in specific steps and/or in the execution of the whole process, aiming to impact business.