5+1 Program

Goal: the Graduate Integration Program (5+1) allows high-performance students to enroll and also take deeper and more advanced Graduate courses. This unique opportunity allows students with this profile to take advantage of the synergy between the programs and fulfill part/all of the compulsory Master’s credits while still in the Undergraduate Course, which is yet another competitive advantage for the insertion of this professional in the current job market. This program offers the possibility of completing the undergraduate and master’s degrees in Production Engineering in 6 (six) years.

Requirements: to attend a Master’s discipline, the Undergraduate student must have completed 60% of the course credits and a GPA greater than or equal to 7.5. If the student does not have this GPA, enrollment in Master’s disciplines must have the approval of the Production Engineering Undergraduate and Graduate Coordinators.


* To request equivalence, the student must apply for an Academic Application with the DAR and be approved by the Graduate Coordination.