Rio de Janeiro, July 13-14, 2011


For going from the airport to the hotel, you have two options:

1) Take a taxi at the airport. There are ticket-office windows of three or four companies, with pre-established fares and payment in advance (credit cards accepted), just when you cross the gate after passport control and customs. If you choose this option, you don’t need to do anything by now. This is also the most expensive option, and may cost about BRL 90 for the one-way trip.

2) Book a two-way transfer airport-hotel and hotel-airport by van, at the total cost (the two-way transfer) of BRL 60. This is about one third of the price of the taxi. The only constraint is that the vans leave the airport only at full hours, so, depending on when you arrive, you may need to wait up to 59 minutes. (Waiting time ~U(0, 60) minutes).
If you want to book the transfer, you should send an e-mail to Mr. Cesar Barreto ( giving the information of your flights (flight nr., date and time of arrival — or departure, for your flight back) and the name of your hotel.
(additional contacts of Mr. Cesar: fax: ++55 21 2108-5818; phone: ++55 21 2108-5800; but the e-mail is preferable).


For the transfer back to the airport, Mr. Cesar will determine the pickup time according to the time you need to arrive in the airport.


For going from the hotel to PUC-Rio, where the meeting will take place:

There will be a van for the transfer hotel-PUC-hotel. The pickup time will be informed later.