Transport and Logistic

The Graduate Program in Production Engineering at PUC-Rio, had among its concentration areas the “Transport System” area. This area that only dealt with transport problems, experienced a natural approximation with the production management area through the “logistic” topic. After an interaction of some years, the transport and logistic area was created.

Why logistic? The Logistic had a large expansion during the last years. Known worldwide as a competitiveness factor within the companies, the logistic environment has expanded itself worldwide. Be it to attend efficiently the internal market, or to be capable to compete in the international market, the Brazilian companies have searched for the development of their logistic sectors, causing the search for professionals in this area. There is an increasing demand for professionals qualified in logistic, and an evident offer shortage in this area. The e-commerce foreseen explosion (electronic trade via Internet) shall demand from involved companies a strong qualification in logistics.

This acting fields are organized along two RESEARCH LINES, as follows:

Transport and Logistic System Planning – Comprises the modeling and planning of cargo and passenger transport systems, and of long term logistic systems. The adopted methodologies embrace quantitative (e.g. mathematic modeling techniques) and qualitative approaches. The projects developed in this research line envisage to achieve efficient solutions for companies and their supply chains, helping the decision making process and handling frequently with uncertainty questions, always with innovating techniques and applications.


 Research Projects
Humanitarian Logistics Visualizar
Planning and Process Management of Enterprise Logistics and Supply Chain Visualizar
Problems in transportation and logistics. Diagnosis and modeling Visualizar


Logistic Transport System Control and Programming – Approaches the conception and modeling of logistic process operational aspects, and the functioning of cargo and passenger transport systems. The thus defined projects aim to identify and/or define methodologies, operating capacity (programming) and evaluation (control) plans, with short and medium term application.


 Research Projects
Application of Optimization Tools in Transport and Logistics Problems Visualizar
Health Operations Logistics and management Visualizar
Optimization and programming of oil supply chains and renewable energies Visualizar


The researching professors participating of this area are:


Adriana Leiras, D.Sc.

Antônio Márcio Tavares Thomé, D.Sc.

José Eugenio Leal, D.Sc.

Luciana de Souza Pessôa, D.Sc.

Luiz Felipe Roris Rodriguez Scavarda do Carmo, D.Sc.

Rafael Martinelli, D.Sc.

Silvio Hamacher, D.Sc.

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