Production Management

The Production Management area comprises the planning, the project, the operation and analysis of productive systems, with the development and application of methodologies that embrace both techniques referring to the decision process, utilizing quantitative methods, and procedures that allow the organization of mentioned systems, combining social and technical factors on which interaction its performance depends.

Being together with the Finance and Investment Analysis the most traditional production engineering area, it is also the oldest one of the Department. Existing for more than three decades in the DEI, the Production Management is progressively specializing in the productive system planning and operation aspects, leaving the project physical aspects in the background.

The area is trying to follow a pragmatic and academically relevant line. Such orientation has led to positive results that were corroborated by the research works, which besides the good acceptance in the academic environment, resulted in managerial method improvements in national companies.

Thus, the objectives of this concentration area are:

  1. To contribute for a better understanding of the production management problems via a direct contact to the productive sector. The objective is to identify problems from the systematic study of concrete situations, anticipate important problems and propose effective solutions.
  2. Disseminate the accumulated knowledge, through the contact with companies and via the technical-scientific divulgation, as well as though the establishment of human resources with solid and ample knowledge also trained in a questioning attitude.

These objectives are pursued through attitudes organized along two RESEARCH LINES, as follows:

Production System Planning and Operations – Approaches the modeling and planning of production systems along the deadline. The adopted methodologies include quantitative approaches (e.g. optimization, statistics, probabilistic, forecasting and computational) and qualitative approaches (planning and organization). The projects involved in this research line aim to achieve efficient solutions and/or showing a better quality, helping the decision making processes, and always handling with innovating techniques and applications.


Research Projects
Humanitarian operations Management Visualizar
Innovation and Sustainability Visualizar
Integration of supply chains Visualizar
Decision support models and statistical tools Visualizar
Energy planning Models Visualizar


Programming and Control of Production Systems and Operations – Approaches the conception and modeling of operational aspects for the programming and control of production systems and operations. The so defined projects envisage to identify and/or define methodologies, operating capacity plans (programming) and evaluation plans (control) with short and medium term application. It includes the development of quantitative models and tools (optimization, statistical, mathematical, computational) for the production programming, quality control and general operation optimization.


Research Projects
Process control and monitoring Visualizar
Planning and programming of health operations Visualizar
Production Programming Visualizar


The research professors participating of this concentration area are:

Adriana Leiras, D.Sc.

Antônio Márcio Tavares Thomé, D.Sc.

Eugenio Kahn Epprecht, D.Sc.

Fernanda Baião Amorim, D.Sc.

Fernando Luiz Cyrino Oliveira, D.Sc.

Julia Lima Fleck, D.Sc.

Luciana de Souza Pessoa, D.Sc.

Luiz Felipe Roris Rodriguez Scavarda do Carmo, D.Sc.

Reinaldo Castro Souza, D.Sc.

Silvio Hamacher, D.Sc.

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