Credentialing: MEC Ordinance No. 132 of February 2, 1999, published in the Official Gazette of February 3rd 1999. In the year of 1998 it was evaluated with grade 5, corresponding to the highest mark obtained by the Production Engineering Post-Graduation program in Brazil. Attributed title: Doctor in Production Engineering.


Oct 12th, 2020 to Dec 6th, 2020.

NOTE: The registration period may be changed by the Coordination of the Graduate Program due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Orientation Manual of candidates for the Production Engineering PhD course.

The registration process is totally electronic. From the second semester of 2015 onwards, the DEI shall not receive any more printed documents and/or sent via Mail. For all the demanded documentation the upload should be made directly from

Only the registration requests that present a complete documentation and allowed by a professor of Industrial Engineering Department Main Board shall be examined.



  1. Two Reference Pages. On the online form, the candidate shall indicate the informing parties’ names and e-mail, and the system shall send a link to them asking the online fulfillment. Manually fulfilled letters shall not be accepted.
  2. Curriculum vitae, preferably Curriculum Lattes. Generate a complete version in PDF from the Lattes Platform.
  3. Study Plan. Fulfill the form available under PESTUDOSMESTRADO.doc and do the upload of the PDF version from the system. In this form, the candidate shall inform the interest concentration area, the research line connected to the concentration area and the motivation for the Program and research line choice. The disciplines to be attended should also be defined together with the orienting professor.
  4. Research Plan: form available under doctorate acceptance form.pdf. The preliminary research proposal should be signed by the professor that shall orient the Doctorate candidate. Fill out the available form and do the PDF version upload from the system..
  5. Undergraduate School Records;
  6. Master Degree School Records.
  7. Diploma or Undergraduate conclusion certificate.
  8. Diploma or Master Degree conclusion certificate.

Optional Documents

  1. Scholarship request form (when pertinent). Fulfill the form available under BOLSAESTUDOSMESTRADO.DOC and do the PDF version upload from the system.
  2. Digital copy (in PDF) of works with academic relevance. There might be enclosed: Undergraduate Course Conclusion Work and/or Articles published in journals and/or scientific events.
  3. Other conclusion certificates (MBA, Specialization, among others)
  4. Other documents.




To be accepted in the Doctorate course, the candidate should initially, knowing the Department’s deep research lines, identify a research field and the most proper orienting professor of DEI’s lecturer board. Together with this orienting professor, he should identify and formalize in a small document, with about 10 standard pages, a Preliminary Research Proposal, indicating the objectives and methodology to be utilized in the research, to expose its feasibility, relevance and originality. Coherent to the issue, a study program should be defined with a set of disciplines, covering at least 18 credits required in the PhD course.

Besides the general regulatory requirements, the Department also demands from the candidates to have a Master Degree in: Production Engineering, Transports, Mathematic, Informatics, Systems, or similar courses, recognized as such by DEI’s Graduate Commission. At the sole discretion of the Graduate Commission, as well as based on the other instances foreseen under the regulatory provisions, this requirement might be dispensed for candidates who have demonstrated an evident capacity for a deep research inline with DEI’s interest.

The candidate acceptance by a professor of the Doctorate course (a probable orientating professor), based on a preliminary research proposal, within a course concentration area and a study program consistent with the research issue.

The candidate acceptance by the Graduate Commission, based on the School records, on the curriculum vitae, on the presentation of two course professor, on the Preliminary Research Proposal and on the study program mentioned above. The interviews with DEI’s professors can also be requested by the graduate Commission. The graduate Program shall begin in March of each year, and the inscription periods are specified on PUC-Rio’s website. Only exceptionally the Department shall consider the inscription requests for the Master Degree start in August. For the Doctorate the admission might be in March or in August.



Obtain at least 42 credits in Graduate disciplines. In this number might be included up to 25 credits corresponding to the Master Degree title through the acceptance of the Post-Graduation Commission. The 42 credits should be distributed as follows:

  1. In Graduate disciplines of the DEI, CTC, PUC or of other credentialed graduate programs, chosen at the orienting professor’s criterion, as per the study program approved by DEI’s Graduate Commission, including a maximum of 3 credits of the Individual Study disciplines, and which might not be accounted for the Lecturing Stage credit subscription.

At the Graduate Commission criterion, the candidate might be exempted to attend disciplines, obtaining corresponding credits, after substantiating its knowledge via a written test.

Be approved in the Qualifying Exam (IND 3004). This exam envisages to evaluate the candidate’s capacity to perform an original and relevant research in the Doctorate concentration area, and shall be based on an article elaborated by the student on a topic related to his thesis research, and to its presentation before an examining board. The presentation shall have a public character.

Be approved in the Thesis Proposal Exam (IND 3007).  This exam envisages to verify the research validity as a thesis topic, in terms of relevance, and not triviality, originality and contribution for the knowledge frontier expansion, the candidate’s capacity to conduct the proposed research, and the research performance feasibility.

Be approved in a foreign language exam, (LET 3106), English for the Doctorate.

Present, defend and have a Doctorate Thesis (IND 3001) duly approved. The Defense shall be conditioned to the submission of an article to an internationally qualified journal, and to have another article published in or accepted by a qualified journal (national or international), both on the Doctorate research topic.

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